We established our organization to help and support families with young children so that optimal growth and development can occur in their lives.

How to Apply for Benefits

If you or someone you know needs assistance, please fill out our online application for benefits.

Opal’s Embrace will review your application and, according to the guidelines, create a plan to help. We will refer your family to various programs currently available in our community or find ways established by our organization to assist you.

Our Guidelines for Assistance

The guidelines we use include your family’s current financial situation, the possible area of residency, an analysis of family needs, and the ages of the children involved. We place priority based on how critical the situation is. We give special consideration to, but not limited to, families with children in foster care, teenage parents, families with special needs children, families from domestic violence situations, single parents, and grandparents caring for young children.

Giving Back

Please understand that Opal’s Embrace is a charitable organization, and we may ask you to attend educational programs or request you to volunteer; however, most of all, we believe in working with families with young children and encourage you to find a way to give back when you are in a better situation. Non-profit organizations offer many ways to help and support that don’t necessarily involve monetary assistance.