Together we can make a difference
in the lives of children.

Opal Clark

In Loving memory of Opal Clark (1919-1992) A kind and tireless caretaker of children, Opal spent her life helping others. Led by her examples our non-profit was started in 2008 to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families.

Get Involved

You can help Opal's Embrace with your donations. Items needed include food, gift cards, clothing and toys for children under the age of 6.

What we do

Opal’s Embrace is a non profit charitable organization that is committed to working with families with young children. Research tells us that the first five years in a young child’s life has a big impact on how they develop. This organization helps and supports families with young children so that optimal growth and development can occur in the lives of young children.

Continuing our goals...

Opals Embrace continues to help lots of families with small children. We wish to thank everyone who has helped these last few years. We continue to help several families with children that have special needs, foster care situations and low income. Many families have had a difficult time since many public services have been scaled back or eliminated. Stress continues to mount on many of our smallest children and their families. Thanks to your donations our programs have grown and each year we are able to help more families. In this economy the needs for young children and their families increase. The families we work with have working parents that are on their own trying to improve their situation. They are not looking for a hand out but rather a helping hand.

Opals'Embrace Back Pack Program

A good meal go's a long way

Children not having enough food to grow and develop properly has become more prevalent. Opal's Embrace successfully piloted a new program starting in 2013 to address this problem. Our back pack program provides children with a backpack containing food items that is given out on Fridays with food for the weekends when they often go without. Thanks to your donations the backpack program has become a huge success and continues to grow towards our goal of sending weekly backpacks home with 500 small children. Your help is really needed to empower this great program please consider giving a donation today.